Day 5 and it is my turn again. Well, it is supposed to be his turn, but he has a late night of work and so we are flip flopping days. Um, did I mention I am tired? Lol, keeping up with my toddler, work, housework, teenager, and the stress of my blood pressure is too much. The good new is my hubby?s grandfather is home from the hospital. They are keeping a close eye on him though. I have a plan for tonight though; dinner out, coffee and walking at the mall, then I will give hubby a massage to get things going. Seriously, the massage is effort on my part. I hate giving them, I know it is selfish, but it hurts my hands and is exhausting. But it has been a long week and I know hubby?s back is killing him. So we wait for the teenager to get off the bus and head out to Chilis for dinner. Yum. Hubby and I spilt the dinner for two and he gets my margarita. Lucky duck. We head over to the mall for some coffee and a walk. Hubby goes on the carousel with our son and we […]


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