A few nice gigs media images I found:

Adam Curry with Adam Curry?
gigs media
Image by the tartanpodcast
Funny moment. Craig Patchett was handing out sticky name cards for people to write their names onto while we listened to the Give Love a Chance gig. Lance Anderson wrote ‘Dan Klass’ on his, and I wrote ‘Adam Curry’ on mine. Much hilarity ensued. Then Ewan Spence gave me a nudge and gestured to his right, ‘your "boss" is here’. And
there, of course, was the real Adam Curry.

After introducing myself as Adam Curry to Adam Curry, we had a quick pleasant chat about the fun that long haul transatlantic flying is.

Killings From the Dial
gigs media
Image by benjaminbrown
Medium 21 Album release on Universal. Jan 04

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