Alicia Keys recorded her VH1 "Storytellers" episode last night at the Metropolis Studios in NYC.  Check out what the "Girl On Fire" singer said about Jay-Z demanding a re-record of their track inside…

In a black sleeveless top and shiny silver pants with her sky high black Louboutins (pictured above in between takes), Ms. Keys took that stage last night to record her upcoming episode of VH1 "Storytellers."

Alicia revealed just how the new New York Anthem, "Empire State of Mind," came about. 

Her longtime New York homie Jay-Z called her up and said he had a song for her to hear.  And after she recorded her verses the first time while congested, the perfectionist Mr. Carter told her it was good, but could be better.  Jay demanded a re-record, and Alicia semi-jokingly revealed she "felt some kind of way."  And after she went back and hit the sing hard, a new classic was born.

The mom of almost-2-year-old Egypt also dished on her baby boy’s fave song of mommy’s, working with Kanye West & John Legend before they blew up, and more.

Alicia’s "Storytellers" airs Monday, November 12th at 11pm ET/PT on VH1.


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