Latest preview reveals Spidey’s new mask — and his attitude.
By Kevin P. Sullivan

Andrew Garfield in “The Amazing Spider-Man”
Photo: Marvel / Columbia Pictures

“Spider-Man” fans who stayed up late Monday were treated to the second trailer from the superhero’s upcoming reboot. The preview for “The Amazing Spider-Man” showed off new action sequences, a transformed reptilian villain and the smart-ass attitude fans of the comics have missed in recent years.

We’ve watched the trailer more times than we care to mention and took the opportunity to break down our favorite moments. Here are the five key scenes from the “Amazing Spider-Man” trailer:

You’d have to think back hard, but believe it or not, the first trailer only included a glimpse at Spider-Man’s mask. It may not seem like that big of a deal, but it isn’t until you see the old red-and-blue for a period longer than half a second that you realized what you were missing. The new suit looks good, if slightly over-stylized, but the mask brings it home and makes it feel like a “Spider-Man” movie.

“Spider-Man 3” may have caused you to forget that Spider-Man is actually kind of a smart-ass and not just an emo guy who dances in the street with side bangs and zero self-awareness. In “Amazing,” the wisecracking Spidey returns to make a carjacker feel like a complete dumbass, as he should. Andrew Garfield‘s take on the hero brings back the fun, intentionally.

Mr. and Mrs. Parker
The official plot synopsis released a few weeks ago focused on Dr. Connors’ connection to the flighty parents that Mr. and Mrs. Parker were. The trailer plays off that new information and shows Peter hunting down the one-armed doctor to find out what happened to the parents he barely knew. It’s an element we haven’t seen in the previous films and one “Amazing” wants to put front and center.

With the extra emphasis on Curt Connors comes an extended look at his bigger, greener side. After teases with flipped cars, we get to see the Lizard fully transformed, albeit a fleeting peek. They wouldn’t want to spoil it all for us, but we saw enough to confirm that the PEZ dispenser was, in fact, accurate.

The Spire
The trailer finishes with a shot from an action sequence that most likely takes place near the end of the film. Peter stands on the spire of a skyscraper, dressed in Spider-Man attire from the neck down, but he won’t be standing for long. The spike begins to tumble, and Pete struggles to not fall with it. The shot brings the serious action notes the first trailer lacked and makes us question how much we haven’t seen from the film.

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