Amber Portwood is probably on a first name basis with some of the bailiff in the Madison County, Indiana courthouse by now. This girl doesn?t know how to stay out of trouble. After going through treatment for minor mental health issues, landing in jail over domestic violence charges, and now apparently messing up her drug treatment program, the former Teen Mom star is lucky to be seeing the light of day. Just this week, it seems like she was given her last and final chance. According to TMZ, a judge has once again let her out ? even after failing to show up for a drug court appearance. At first, she was actually put in jail, which was totally shocking, but now she is out again. But, why? Well the judge decided to give her a shot at home detention, but put a major threat over her head. If she screws up this time around, she could actually be forced to go back into the drug court program and maybe even spend five years behind bars. That sentence would be even longer than she?s been a celeb for, wouldn?t it? I just can?t believe how lucky she is. She was […]


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