Question by Caesarion: Are there any good business schools in Arizona ?
I’m looking for a good university to attend after I graduate with a bachelor of science in electrical engineering to obtain an MBA. I’ve been looking for good business schools in Arizona but am having trouble finding one. The best ones seem to be the University of Arizona , but they admit around 90 percent of their applicants…I’m looking for a school that is a little more selective and prestigious. I am going for my MBA to impress possible job candidates, so I would like to obtain it from a good school.

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Answer by Bayern Fan
Oh boy, you’ve overlooked one incredible business school in Arizona . Thunderbird School of Global Management in Glendale (Phoenix area) is one of the best b-schools in the world. Their school is unique because it is not attached to an undergraduate institution. Their MBA program focuses heavily on international business, but this is a good thing really, because it enables you to work both in the international and domestic market. Basically, if you get an MBA from Thunderbird, you are going to make a lot of money after you graduate. Thunderbird is far better than U of Arizona for the MBA. Check out the rankings if you need more convincing.

“Since 1995 Thunderbird has been ranked consistently by US News & World Report as the #1 school in International Management. The 2005 Business Week rankings place Thunderbird in the Top 50 Full-time MBA program (fifth consecutive time) and in the Top 10 for “Best & Brightest”, Global Scope. Current Wall Street Journal rankings place Thunderbird as the #1 for Academic Excellence in International Business in the United States (as judged by U.S. recruiters), #1 Regionally, and #5 for top International Schools overall in Europe and North America (as judged by global recruiters). In 2007, it was ranked as #1 International Business School in The Financial Times ranking.”

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