Who is watching the new NBC show Are You There Chelsea? I am and I am loving it, which is why I am so thrilled to share some fabulous sneak peek videos with you. Oh yes if you are looking to laugh out loud right now, then get ready my friends because you are in for one heck of a treat. I have to say that each week I get more and more into this show, the cast is amazing and always entertaining. I even like the fact that Chelsea Handler plays her sister as opposed to herself, which I was really not sure I would like when I first saw clips for the show. Alright so up first is a nice little clip involving Chelsea, Sloane and the fact that Sloane doesn?t seem to want to share her doctor?s information with Chelsea. Seriously girls can be so ridiculous! Love it! Next up is a fantastic clip that features Nikki and Chelsea going deep sea fishing. Being that she is Nikki she will bring her A-game and by that I mean you don?t really expect her to be looking like a normal fisher-woman do you? Last but by no means […]

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