If this is true, they would be the weirdest couple ever. But hey, I can?t picture Ashton beating her up like Chris Brown did, so I wouldn?t be against it. Things can?t get any weirder in the world of celebrities. You have someone like Ashton who ends up jumping into a serious, long-term relationship with Demi Moore after her fallout from Bruce Willis.   At that point, I gave him ultimate credit. You have to be pretty brave to step in after someone breaks up with Bruce. He could have turned out like a villain in one of his movies.   Surprisingly that all panned out for him, and they stayed together for a long time. Even her kids seemed to love Ashton.   Sadly, all of that came to an end when Ashton supposedly cheated on her with some random non-celebrity girl. How lame.   So Demi decided to call it quits.   All of a sudden he was on Two And A Half Men and he was back in the spotlight, but without her it was strange.   But for him to be with Rihanna just doesn?t add up. The story actually came out of the London Sun, […]

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