Joss Whedon and a trio of the movie’s stars hit Twitter to reveal some of Earth’s Mightiest secrets; Marvel Mania has the highlights!
By Josh Wigler

The Hulk in “Marvel’s The Avengers”
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Earth’s mightiest heroes unleashed Earth’s mightiest tweets as part of a special live “Avengers” Q&A session held on the micro-blogging site on Tuesday. Director Joss Whedon and stars Tom Hiddleston (Loki), Samuel L. Jackson (Nick Fury) and Clark Gregg (Agent Phil Coulson) rallied together to answer “Avengers” fan questions, covering topics like Easter eggs and cameos, characters who didn’t make the final cut, and the differences between this movie and the previous Marvel flicks we’ve already seen.

Read on, Marvel Mania has five highlights from yesterday’s chat!

One of the biggest “Avengers” rumors spinning across the Web in recent weeks involved a surprise Spider-Man cameo. In the alleged scene, Spidey would be seen swinging past Captain America, Iron Man and the others in a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it appearance. No one expected Whedon and company to flat-out deny the rumor, but if there’s one thing fans should know by now, it’s never to assume anything about the “Buffy” and “Angel” creator.

“There is no Spider-Man cameo,” Whedon said matter-of-factly when asked about the rumor. “But the Avengers do turn off the dark.”

Stings Like a Bee
Of course, even without a Spider-Man cameo, fans can’t help but wonder about other Marvel characters who might sneak into “The Avengers.” Whedon and his trio of stars wouldn’t tip their hands regarding any secrets, though he did joke that any and all Easter eggs would be “actual dyed eggs. Try to find them all!” In all seriousness, Whedon did identify one “Avengers” character he wishes he could’ve included in the film: “I’m a fan of the Wasp. She’s goofy and sting-y.”

The Loki Dilemma
Being bad isn’t always easy. Fun, sure, but not always easy. Hiddleston was asked numerous times how he’s able to tap into a character as nasty as his displaced Asgardian villain, which he acknowledged as an occasionally serious obstacle.

“The biggest challenge was magnifying his menace without losing touch of his emotional truth. Keeping his chaos honest,” Hiddleston said of playing Loki. “Sometimes you wake up feeling warm and sunny, but the scene requires hatefulness and spite. You have to reach deeper. And stay aware of the fact that the emotions are true, but they’re not mine.”

Coulson Unbound
One fan-favorite character expected to get a major makeover in “The Avengers” is Agent Coulson, the stoic S.H.I.E.L.D. operative first introduced in “Iron Man.” Clark Gregg has long teased his upcoming turn as an action star in Whedon’s superhero-studded flick, and he reiterated during the Twitter chat that “more layers to Coulson’s world/powers [will be] revealed.” Coulson is so beloved, in fact, that one fan dubbed the character the “Chuck Norris of ‘The Avengers.’ ” The title prompted an amazing response from Gregg: “[All] due respect, but Coulson [would] crush walker tex ranger … w/ a bag of flour.” Co-signed, Clark!

Going in Blind
It’s doubtful that many of the people walking into “The Avengers” this summer will walk in blindly. For the most part, the movie-going masses will be at least fleetingly familiar with the exploits of Tony Stark, Steve Rogers, Bruce Banner and Thor. But if by some chance you haven’t seen previous Marvel movies but still want to get in on “The Avengers,” Whedon promised that you do not need to know a single thing about Earth’s Mightiest Heroes or the House of Ideas at large going into the battle.

“You don’t need to see any Marvel movies to enjoy Avengers,” the director said. “But you need to see ‘Steel Magnolias,’ like, six times.”

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