A few nice sms marketing images I found:

Barack Obama Text Message – 10/14/08 – Barack Needs Your Help In MN
sms marketing
Image by DavidErickson
Text Message Reads: Barack need your help in MN! Join us at the Midway Obama office opening & phonebank this Turs from 5pm-9pm. 1383 University Ave, St. Paul. 651-558-7422 Fwd msg

Phantasy Star ( SMS )
sms marketing
Image by End of Level Boss
This would have to easily be one of my most prized titles out of the 400 odd that clog up my shelves. Phantasy Star pushed me into a world of Role Playing Games (RPG) before the term RPG was coined. Sad part was that marketing people in places such as Sega, Nintendo and later Sony bullied and picked on the RPG games stating that they were slow movers. It wasn’t till approximately ten years later a game called Final Fantasy VII broke that myth and changed RPG’s forever. But before that… this is the title that started it all!