Royce and her dramatics.  Last night, the "Basketball Wives" star got pissy with her followers and pulled a Nicki Minaj drama queen stunt and deleted her Twitter.  But then she came back…of course.  But has seemingly left again.  And it sounds like she is pretty over the show, as we all are.


Deets inside…

After the foolywangery that was her public breakup with her cheatin’ ass boyfriend Dez Briscoe, and the epic fight with her daddy where he was reading her like a a prude mama and her Fifty Shades of Grey book, Royce has taken another dramatic twitter action.

Apparently she was over the "toxicity" of people, so last night the reality chick up and deleted her Twitter (and Facebook page) all together.  And said this beforehand:

@Roycelr: Toxic people make for a toxic life… Remove them even if it’s hard. U will feel better & be better in the end!

@Roycelr: Deleting my twitter in 3days!!! I appreciate all of u! Thk u for all ur love & support

@Roycelr: Actually deleting it now!!! :o) Bye Tweeps! xoxoxo

Meanhile, her ex Dez was busy tweeting Lil Boosie lyrics as the rapper had just gotten freed from jail (and the lyrics were a simultaneous swipe at Royce too we’re sure–y’all know how youngins like to play games):

@DezBriscoe89 "Mama told me when I was yung that ima break hearts because I’m too cute for just one" Boosie

Anyways, hours later, Royce’s page popped back up and she insinuated that the VH1 gods forced her hand in returning:

I’m am back. Not by choice. I’ll be gone again after the reunion. #MovingAlong @VH1 #BBW #BasketballWives #RoyceReed #ThisShitIsCrazy!

Oddly enough, her page is back to M.I.A. today.  And the reunion show is being filmed today as well.

Maybe it’s about that time to leave the reality drama…and weekly boyfriends…and focus on your kiddie.  Just maybe.

UPDATE: Royce has spoken about the deletion HERE.



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