Some cool search engine listing images:

Board notes in class
search engine listing
Image by eszter
A list of guesses by students in class regarding some search engine user figures. The question here had to do with what percentage of Internet users (according to a survey by iCrossing) know the difference between paid versus "organic" results. The correct response was somewhere around 50%. The reason student "A" won as opposed to studen "E" is because – as per a suggestion in class (possibly by me, perhaps by a student, I don’t remember) – we decided to ignore responses that were above the actual figure. This may be the Internet generation, but certain TV classics are familiar to them regardless.

meet the makebot
search engine listing
Image by pt
The MAKEbot has arrived! This is "beta", so we’ll see how it goes. The MAKEbot is a AIM/iChat buddy you add to your list. When you type latest, he will give you the latest headlines from You can type subscribe 1 and he’ll deliver the latest news each hour, lastly – if you type keywords like psp, welding, ipod or whatever he’ll search the site and pages from MAKE and give you a link from our search engine to help you find what you’re looking for…You can also type help to get a list of commands. Here are some screenshots and a little more information……