This week we are getting to know all of Brad Pitt?s family. Already this a video starring Brad?s brother Doug was going viral. Now there is some drama with his mother. I guess when you are as famous as Brad Pitt just about anyone you are related to is fair game. This time it?s his mother that is getting a little bit of his spotlight, and it?s not very pretty. Apparently Jane Pitt decided to write a letter to a local newspaper where she lives about the upcoming presidential election. In the letter she mentions how she supports Mitt Romney because he is against same-sex marriage. I haven?t actually read the letter, but all the reports say that she simply mentioned how she doesn?t support same-sex marriage. That was enough to start a huge debate online. Here are just a few of the things people have said about her letter: ?BRAD PITT’S MOM WROTE AN ANTI-GAY PRO-ROMNEY EDITORIAL. KILL THE B***H? Okay that one is pretty dumb. If you don?t like someone?s views you have to be a little more respectful of their opinions. ?Brad Pitt’s mom, die.? That is short and to the point I guess. ?F**k you, brad […]


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