Question by Caroline: Can a contact in my phone be permanently linked or connected to all of my phone calls?
I think there may be someone listening in on my phone calls. Whenever I call anyone my phone says I am connected to the person I called, as well as “John Smith” another contact in my phone. “John Smith” is someone that would do something like this to my phone. Any ideas?

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Answer by corr.blimey
It’s does sound suspicious. Mobile phones today are usually smart phones which are like mini computers. Basically you can do anything with them if you’ve created the software to tell it to do it.

You didn’t say what phone model it was! It may be a setting that your phone has that you’ve activated by mistake or your friend has done it behind your back. Read the user manual for your phone, if you don’t have it, it will be on the internet somewhere.

If it’s not a feature of the phone then it could be what you suspect.
You say your friend would do this sort of thing! Is he technically minded? Can he write his own software? If he can then I would suspect that hes modified your phone to do exactly what you said.

Have you ever received a text message or media message which asked you to install to view? This would be how someone in your contacts could install software on your phone. If this has happened, the best thing you can do is to save all your contacts and important information then put your phone back to factory settings. This would remove any malicious software that’s been installed.

Alternately, it could just simply be a glitch in your phones software, check online to see if others have had the same problem with your phone model. If this is whats wrong you could either send it to get repaired or try to put it back to factory settings yourself.

Ha, the joy’s of technology!

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