Question by SS Master Roshi: Can anyone help me with my beatdown deck?
I am making a beatdown deck and I have a pretty good structure,but I need some help with the nitty gritty cards. I need some good ideas for magic and trap cards that can help me in my beatdown deck. I am open to any and all suggestions. Thanks for the help.

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Answer by tsukuyomi
solmn judgement, lightning vortex, torential tribute, and mirror force are good cards to add to a beatdown b/c it helps clear the feild for massive damage. i usually just syncro black rose and sp. summon like crazy.
you can also use prideful roar to make sure your betdown monsters keep beating down. heavy storm is good, and the calculator is good for beatdown since you want lots of monsters on ur field and the calculator benifits from that. sorry i added monsters but i think they are good suggestions.

gd luk=)

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