Question by ricky_nand: Can anyone let me know how does mass sms marketing works and what is the cost involved?
Can we send mass sms from the net

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Answer by j_f_sebastian82
Pretty simple really. But fraught with permission problems. HEre’s the How To:

Download software for SMS text meassaging – there’s a few packages available.

Load data from your potential clients or existing clients (better) using their cell phone numbers as a unique Id.

Darft a message and blast your list. Simple. Well, no. You’ve already broken several laws if any of the phones are in the possession of minors, as you’ve jsut solicited business from a minor. Also you’ve invaded privacy in many cases. You may have broken some other laws relating to permission and email marketing standards. Very dangerous. If you don’t actually have clearly stated permission to contact each person you blast, then you’re setting yourself up for a lawsuit.

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