Some cool arizona marketing images:

Can you believe this house?
arizona marketing
Image by voteprime
There is an observatory built into the house! And it’s built right at the foot of the red rocks. Luckily, the market is down so the SSF made a pretty low bid on the house for our next office. WE’RE MOVING TO SEDONA!

Vern & Mike
arizona marketing
Image by daveblume
Drinking on a bench in front of Grand Central Market. Vern hails from Georgia, Mike from Arizona .

arizona marketing
Image by 12fh
One of the unique aspects of Guadalupe Mountains NP is that, since it has only been a national park for a few decades, most of the original ranch houses and cabins that belonged to its previous owners are still standing and in very good condition. This cabin belonged to Wallace Pratt, a Houston oil man who purchased a quarter share of McKittrick Canyon in 1921 and was able to acquire it in total after the market crash of ’29. Pratt constructed the cabin in the early 30’s and brought his family here on vacation during the sweltering Houston summers. He ultimately retired to Arizona and donated 5000 acres of land encompassing McKittrick Canyon to the park service in the early 60’s.

The cabin was designed by Houston architect Joseph Straub, and one of its unique features is the inlaid stone roof.