Question by Marque Johnson: can you just buy a phone in radio shack or do you have to make a plan . ?
I want to buy a smart phone with some money I saved up , but I don’t wanna go through the trouble of making a plan. i am 14 yrs old
i forgot to mention that im already on a tmobile plan.

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Answer by Kaitlyn McPartlin
If you don’t get a plan, it will cost about $ 400 or so. I doubt you have that much money saved up at 14. I’m 14 myself, and I don’t have more than $ 100 to my name. Besides, it won’t do anything without a plan and a contract, so you will be just throwing your money away on something you can’t use. Please learn about things before you think about buying them.

You wouldn’t be able to get a contract anyway, because you have to be 18 to enter into any legal contract. Nobody will give one to a child.

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