Go see Captain America this weekend! Support our Colin!

I went to the premiere on Tuesday and it was the coolest thing ever. First, the movie is AMAZING and Chris Evans is a superstar. Second, there were so many damn people there it was insane. I have been to movie premieres in New York before and they were nothing like this. I mean, they closed down Hollywood Boulevard. I would’ve taken photos to show you, but the invite said to leave phones in the car. But here’s a photo of me in my cool Captain America 3D glasses:

(Sit down, stop jumping around, it’s an awesome picture, I know. And the quality is amazing. It’s not grainy or reddish… it’s perfect.) (No, it’s not.)

(And you can totally see the Captain America logo on the side of the glasses.) (No, you can’t.)

Anyway, Captain America is pulling a strong 71% fresh rating on Rotten Tomatoes right now so GO SEE IT! IT’S FANTASTIC! 

Source: http://www.prettyinthecity.com/blog/2011/7/22/captain-america.html

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