‘I sort of learned how to do that through movies and through TV, through stories,’ Tatum tells MTV News of his love lessons.
By Kara Warner

Channing Tatum and Rachel McAdams in “The Vow”
Photo: Sony Pictures

If you’re a fan of romance and pretty people falling in love on the big screen, then “The Vow” is the movie for you.

In the film, out Friday, a couple (played by Channing Tatum and Rachel McAdams) survive a serious car accident, but the wife suffers severe memory loss and can’t even remember meeting her husband. Tatum’s character goes to great lengths to try and get her to fall in love with him again.

“The Vow” is not a movie for everyone, of course, but when MTV News caught up with Tatum and McAdams, they had no problem gushing about their experiences falling in love onscreen. We asked them to explain to the more cynical-seeming younger generation out there why the film has universal appeal and how they learned to be romantic in the first place.

“I sort of learned how to do that through movies and through TV, through stories,” Tatum said. “Stories are such teachers and lesson-learning tools. Maybe we’re not making good enough love stories and they’re just losing touch,” he added with a laugh.

McAdams spoke to certain times in a person’s life that are more ripe for romance than others, that when we’re younger and just starting to experience romantic relationships, there doesn’t have to be as much emphasis on lifelong commitment and the seriousness involved.

“I think there’s a period of life which is really not meant for that, where you’re supposed to be just sort of hanging out and being friends and not putting that kind of forever pressure on things,” she said.

“It’s getting later and later for kids growing up,” Tatum said regarding the average ages when people start thinking and talking about taking their relationships to the next level. Tatum married actress Jenna Dewan when he was 29. “It’s just getting pushed back and back and back, the idea of getting married, which is good. In Europe they don’t get married until way late.”

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Source: http://www.mtv.com/news/articles/1678920/the-vow-channing-tatum-rachel-mcadams-romantic.jhtml

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