Was Charlotte Neve’s coma cured by an Adele song? That’s what the 7-year-old’s mother believes, and there’s no reason to doubt it. This is a really sad story that may have a happy ending. A young girl suffered a brain hemmorage that left her in a coma. First of all, I can’t even imagine that. As a mother it is my absolute worst nightmare to see anything happen to my children. But to sit there helpless while one of them barely held onto life would be unbearable. So just when this mother was told by doctors to try to say goodbye, she decided to sing one of the girl’s favorite songs to her: Adele’s Rolling In The Deep. That’s when the girl actually smiled. Now the girl seems to be starting a slow recovery. Get more of this amazing story here – E! Online. Jenny McCarthy did WHAT to her dentist on accident?? – Bumpshack. Finally the full version of the Oprah interview with 50 Cent is available online. There were some pretty intense moments – Diva Artist. Is Johnny Depp single again? We think so – I Need My Fix. This is pretty funny stuff. Male celebrities photoshopped to […]

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