A few nice arizona marketing images I found:

Cool Libations & Sweet Crustaceans – Lo, Laguna Beach
arizona marketing
Image by toastycakes

So, i guess blogging is cool now that Jessica Smith does it… she really
is unattractive and frumpy, huh? awww, but i still love her. make
sure you check out the picture of her in those Victoria Secret whitetrash-mom PINK shorts and chocolate Uggs, glancing
at her cacophonous drapes in the mirror, hoping that for once she’s
not the ugliest thing in the room. So the site (and the travel guide
that it’s pimping) suposedly document her Spring Break,
but… ummm, she’s not even in school, so how does she get a spring
break? I want a fucking spring break! Her favorite book is A
Million Little Pieces and one of her favorite movies is
Crash. And she’s from… EWW! Arizona ! Yeah, she and I
would be BEST FRIENDS!. But I do still love her.

Does anyone care that Kristin fucked Nick
Lachey?! The guy is about two shades cooler than a morning DJ… i
think the real news is that her Isuzu from the first season was just
sold on ebay. That thing was titties! Laguna beach logos adorning
everything – hot stuff! Lo’s sexy lil Jetta
is on ebay right now, and even though she’s my favorite, I could
never pay double market value just to sniff some of Talan’s dna off the backseat… now if it was her sexyass blonde dna
that would be another story.

I was into Ed Hardy like FOUR DAYS before Paris’s little
bastard brother was into it! I’m bleeding edge! I’m on the cusp!
haha. Speaking of, if you knew a quarter of the things i did at
Metal Skool this week you would not be friends with me
anymore. Deal! I don’t mind that MTV is ripping off Vanessa Beecroft but that it’s for Kanye chaps my
ass… Fuck what every hip hop aficionado says, the man’s
beats are about as solid as his upper lip. Oh, and I know, i just
know Scarlett Johansson is a huge cunt. She’s not attractive, and I’m
tired of hearing about her sultry voice! She doesn’t sound like a
stripper. Bravo.

I’ve got a silly little infatuation with MTVs Spring Break.
Maybe I’ll explain it sometime. That and my belief that myspace is going to change media and communication as we know them, and
not for the better.

Stacy is too cool to come write for this, but she just answered six
questions about me in a myspace survey (I’m in more top 8s than you
can even dream of! ha!)

Is this person older than 15?: haha yeah but not his
Have you done anything illegal with this person?: uhhh i
think we went to a 21 and over strip club or something and im not
21…does that count? (ps, no because she used to work in one!)
What song(s) remind you of this person?: toybox and i love
my cats…oc theme song
Do you trust him/her?:yeah
How did u meet?: worky at apple
Your nickname for this person? …werd nerd?

Iso has the quote of the week! but not for here…

arizona marketing
Image by Omar Omar

Fruit – Solid Waste
Farmer’s Market for Yupi-Pupi-baby-popping-Land-Rover-driving-West-of-the-Four-Hundred-Five Homoethnic people,

at Santa Mónica’s North Side Wednesday’s Farmer’s Market,

intersection of Arizona & 3rd Street


T & T Market
arizona marketing
Image by trishylicious