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Guayaquil market
Cell phone marketing
Image by AMagill
I don’t remember what this place is called, but it’s a market in Guayaquil we stopped to check out. There wasn’t anything I especailly wanted to buy, but it was interesting to see. Lots of clothes, lots and lots of cell phones (quite a few of them no doubt stolen), lots of PS2 games, bootleg CDs and DVDs, and lots of miscellaneous. Onegu thing that amazed me.. there were several booths that would actually repair broken cell phones. They’d keep a small stock of replacement components like new LCDs and keypads, and swap them out for you while you wait. I also spotted a couple places installing modchips into PS2s, so the customers could partake in the many copied games.

Dinner at Greg’s
Cell phone marketing
Image by ZakVTA
We prepared a simple salad and had some baked mac ‘n cheese bought at Pike Place Market