A few nice Cell phone services images I found:

St. Vincent Adventure Map [Snag]
Cell phone services
Image by Old Shoe Woman
This map shows the actual journey that Jim, Judy, Julie, and Carl took on Thanksgiving Day 2004. We knew almost how the Pilgrims felt–no transportation other than our legs (of course, they had 2 boats), no compass, and no food, but we did have 4 cameras, 1 bottle of water and cups, toilet tissue, sun glasses, lip gloss, small and large binoculars, a rain suit, an extra jacket, a map, and a knife. Oh, I forgot 2 cell phones WITH service. And … God’s protection since we are all his little children.

Koh Penang Cell Phone Service
Cell phone services
Image by JulianBleecker
People would wonder into this one grove to get cell phone service on Koh Penang.

Screw Marconi
Cell phone services
Image by Jairus
Whoever named Signal Hill clearly didn’t take into account the crappy cell phone service.