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New Computer Frustration
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Image by jpfinley
Dell has this terrible policy in which they pre-install software onto your system without a chance to opt-out. The software is horrible stuff: things like Norton anti-virus, Musicmatch Juke box, and Dell’s rip off of Media Center. Software like this is never truely uninstalled.

It seems to me that nearly all of these programs run at startup; boot time for my brand new laptop was about 4 minutes.

The worst part about it is that they have even stopped packing rescue/driver CDs. They are instead piled into a hidden partition on the hard drive. On my system, the 60 gig hard disk was only 55 gigs big.

So what to do? For me, this was too much crap to go through. I simply retrieved my Disk Burn and Nuke CD and wiped the contents of the laptop. Then I started fresh with a new install of XP Pro. But I had to use an install CD I already had, since I couldn’t figure how to retrieve anything from the ‘secret partitions’.

The laptop now boots in about 30 seconds… but only after all of this.

Black and White Summer
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Image by benjaminbrown
Medium 21 Single release on Universal. Aug 03

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