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the home office
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I havent done one of these in a while, I used to do them fairly often for the fun of it – like many people I find groups like desknotes and whats in your bag a lot of fun to look at and participate in and its always fun to look at what your office was like in the past.

Sadly, believe it or not I didnt clean the desk up before taking this – this is what my desk always looks like, im a bit of a neat freak in that respect, cant stand a cluttered work space.

Jeff Pulver
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This is the party guy himself. the guy who put the party together. He had enough energy for everybody. I really had to thank him for putting such a gig together. He and Chris Brogan can be proud with the work they do to bring together podcasters and those involved with media on the internet . I don’t think I can do justice trying to describe what information this guy provides. Check out his website and I guarantee you will learn a thing or two…or three or four…

The Jeff Pulver Blog

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Image by shannonkringen
after my modeling gig. day 37 of the 365day challenge…