A few nice text message marketing images I found:

Sunday Paper Peek
text message marketing
Image by Eric Brian Ouano
Left Page: "Si Esboy"
Right Page: "Reader’s Text Messages"

The fall of Jade? Nah. Another show no doubt.
text message marketing
Image by edmittance
OK I will say this only once. This is pure utter un-adulterated bollocks to the millionth degree. They are all desparate celebrity junkies working the media hype system for all it’s worth.

Everyone is making money. Every stupid text message you send to vote on BB goes to making a fat wad of cash for the broadcasters. Every time you read these bullshit articles, the publishers make more dough.

The BB ratings went up the moment we all heard of racist abuse. That makes me disgusted at how hypnotised by marketing nonsense we all are; we actually tuned in to watch.

Think about that.

Spot the MPs: they would rather bring this marketing crap up in parliament than discuss how *we* YES WE – WE are invading foreign countries. Isn’t that racist? Ah but some local celebrities slagging off an Indian celebrity makes it into parliament.

Think about it. It’s hypocritical diversion material. Wake up.

Each one of these celebrities will go on to make another show out of the ‘outrage’ that is the basic truth that our sad jaded ex-colonial society is racist and homophobic and desparate. But the next shows won’t say that – they will follow this UK ‘celebrity’ around while she hugs poor Indians and pockets a cool X million pounds (after a pathetic token charitable donation).

I bet you anything you like that there will be a show about Jade learning about multi-culturalism.

You doubt it? If you do, you have been blinded and are officially dumb: Get a grip.

Squeegee your third eye. You are being fucked with.

End of story.

1. Boycott this crap
2. Make a complaint to ofcom while you can. It’s pointless but it will make you feel better
3. Boycott this crap