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todays technologies
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The tree in 401 Old Main, the Office of the Vice Provost for Information Technology, has its lights, but is not yet decorated. That should be done later today.

Reading problems around us
todays technologies
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Today the The Canadian Education Association unveiled its National
Agenda for Action on Literacy. They are claiming that 2 in five people
in canada have reading levels that reistrict their ability to operate in
our society.

It’s harder for adults to enhance their reading skills.

Prof Charles: We have a rather low investem in education in respects to
our GDP. We need to be concerned about no increasing govenment spending
on eduction.

They found that a one percend increas in litieracy would make a one
point five increase in out contries GDP. This is because people who are
unable to read are forced into smaller siturations in life.

even in services where there are fewer jobs due to recent advances in
technology the nead for further education of people working in thoughs
feelds is needed

Canada is a unique experiment in diversity. But a lack of language skill
takes away from this. Low leles of literacy isolates people and causes
conflict betwean groups that are unable to undstand eachoether

Literacy is the underpining of all other education. It is the base from
which all other modern learning begins.

We need to recognise the litaracy needs of people who imagrate to
canada. We need to take into acount the fact that people who are of an
older age might nead special help with learning english or french.

Students need to understand that their is a conection betwean what they
learn in school and ther rest of thier lives. They have to see
conections to their curent life and also with there future.