Each year they pick the cream of the crop, and Cosmopolitan has named their selections for the Fun Fearless Males & Females of 2012.

As for the big winners, the magazine doted the Fun Fearless Female of the Year accolade upon “Twilight” actress Dakota Fanning while the Fun Fearless Male of the Year title was bestowed upon “Avatar” hunk
Sam Worthington.

With stars such as Zoe Saldana, Jonah Hill and Freida Pinto also making the cut of Cosmo’s Fun Fearless Males & Females of 2012, below are quotes from each honoree taken from the February issue of Cosmo.

Dakota Fanning ? Fun Fearless Female of the Year

Dakota on her superhuman aura: ?Since I was young, I?ve always known who I was. I never really had to go through finding who I am. I?ve always felt really secure.?

Sam Worthington ? Fun Fearless Male of the Year

Sam on whether the glitz of Hollywood is hard on his love life: ?It can be, yeah. I love my job; I love the world that it is. But I don?t want someone who is just in love with that world. I want to be with someone who is in love with me, warts and all. And even though I?ve got my faults ? I wake up late or my socks stink ? that?s the thing that they?re in love with.?

Paul Rudd

Paul on the one thing a guy should never say to a woman: ?Those jeans make you look fatter.?

Zoe Saldana

Zoe on what she wears when relaxing at home: ?Nothing. I like to wear as little as possible.?

Jonah Hill

Jonah on what he would never leave home without: ?Bottled water: It?s some weird fear about being stranded in the desert. That?s probably not sexy. But don?t all girls want to be with a well-hydrated guy??

Rose Byrne

Rosa on what?s on her big life to-do list: ?The Trans-Siberian Railway. It?s two weeks from Russia to China. I?d also love to drive across the U.S.?

Blake Shelton

Blake on what attracts him to a woman: ?Boobs. Ha, no. Really, a woman who is not insecure gets me. I understand it?s gotta be tough to be a girl. But a woman who doesn?t give a crap if I notice her? That drives me crazy. That?s something Miranda has.?

Freida Pinto

Freida on what?s on her big life to-do list: ?I?d like to jump out of a plane. I have a fear of heights I?d like to face. Actually, I should learn how to swim first.?

Jesse Williams

Jesse on the sexiest thing a girl could say to him: ?If she said I was ?so manly?, I?d be floating for a week.?

Lucy Hale

Lucy on what puzzles her the most about men: ?I?m not a game player?Life is too short. You should be honest about how you feel.?

Hillary Scott

Hillary on what she would do if she wasn?t a singer: ?I would be a special-education teacher. Outside of Lady Antebellum, that?s where my passion lies.?

Adrian Peterson

Adrian on what?s better – a touchdown or sex? ? Sex, hands down.?

Liam Hemsworth

Liam on his man crush: ?I don?t think there?s a man in the world who doesn?t have a crush on George Clooney. He?s just too cool.?

Source: http://celebrity-gossip.net/magazines/cosmopolitan-names-fun-fearless-males-females-2012-575221

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