Question by seth817: Do I still get charged for receiving a text message if I don’t open it?
I have verizon wireless, and I was wondering If I receive a text message, but I ignore it and don’t view it, will I still be charged a fee? I want to alert myself when specific conditions in the stock market are met using an online service, but I don’t want to run up the bill. If that makes sense.

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Answer by phoozball
As far as I know, you will be charged for receiving a text. It may be easier though just to sign up for unlimited texting. It’s only $ 5 a month. That could save you in the long run. There are some companies like T-mobile for example where customers have gotten charged for incoming but not opened text messages. Your best bet is to contact Verizon to fully get the answer you’re looking for. It does not state anywhere on their plan whether or not you’d get charged.

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