Question by ?????????g ????? ???? ?? ???????? ??™: Do you think in 10 years time the ‘youth of today’ will only be able to communite virtually?
via their smart phones/iphones/over the internet and so on?

It’s a theory i have, today i spent time with my 4 younger cousins who are all teenagers between 13-15. Not once did one of them look up and speak, they were all glued to their mobile phones. I think even when they’re standing next to one another physically they communicate via their phones rather than verbally. It’s really quite scary lol
@Bola, oi! i’m not ‘old’ – i’m only 21 😉
I mean excusing my experience today, i see it all the time when i’m out and about. They’re absolutely glued to their mobiles or to Facebook.

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Answer by Mickey Yoochun
Lol, sadly that could be true. Technology is sort of making the world a little more lazier each day and it makes it easier for us “keep in touch” with others without actually having to see them. I know a large majority of my Friends aren’t even going to our high school reunion because we have facebook. We already know who’s doing the best in our class lol. So yeah, there’s a chance technology could make us worse in the future, but let’s hope for the best!

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