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by quapan

Question by Rain: Does the length of term for a domain registration effect search engine placement?
I recently purchased a domain from They gave me a call, and told me I wasn’t going to get good search engine placement unless I extended the term on my domain, its currently just a 1 year purchase.

Is this true? Or is that just a sales tactic?

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Answer by Fred Bear
I can’t believe that’s true. All my domains for myself and my clients are done on a yearly basis and I always get excellent rankings with the search engines.

The only thing I can think is that spammers and scammers usually only register for a year, use the domain and then disappear, and so does their site, because they only pay for 1 month’s hosting. It’s possible that Google and Yahoo may be considering penalizing short term domains, but you should take that up on a Google or yahoo forum.

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