Dutch Magazine Editor RESIGNS After Global Backlash For “N*GGAB*TCH” Term!

//Dutch Magazine Editor RESIGNS After Global Backlash For “N*GGAB*TCH” Term!

Dutch Magazine Editor RESIGNS After Global Backlash For “N*GGAB*TCH” Term!

The chief editor of the now infamous Jackie magazine, which made headlines yesterday after an article titled "N*GGAB*TCH" ran in its most recent issue, has resigned.


We’ve got the Dutch editor’s statement and details inside….

Eva Hoeke (pictured above), EIC of Dutch magazine Jackie for the past 8 years, came under enormous fire yesterday when she half-heartedly apologized for her "N*GGAB*TCH" article which reference Rihanna and generalized black women.  While she said it was written in a joking way, the black community in the Netherlands, and many all over the world, were still outraged.

Rihanna responded in the most ladylike way possible to Eva’s article which talked about Rih’s "ghetto ass" and porn heels.  The article also called the "We Found Love" singer the "ultimate n*gger b*tch"…as if it were a compliment.

A Dutch news site reports today that Hoeke has walked away from her position as a result of the "commotion" caused by the article.  And Eva says she was maybe too quick to offer up her reasoning for publishing the term.

Her statement loosely translated into English: {UPDATED with better translation}


"I realize that my initial reaction on Twitter, where I stated that it was a joke, was an incomplete description of what I, and also the author of the article meant. The term has come over from America and I thought it would be suitable to describe a particular style of dressing. Due to the enormous pressure from social media, I promised to do better regarding our language use in future issues of Jackie as well as rectifying the situation.

I have now come to the conclusion that rectification is not the proper solution. I regret that I expressed my opion too quickly without carefully thinking things through. I, along with the publisher came to the conclusion that it’s better for all parties if I immediately lay down my duties as editor now that my credibility has been affected negatively. After eight years of dedicating myself with my heart and soul to Jackie, I realize that these errors – although without any bad intentions – are a reason for leaving. “



Each one teach one.

Source: http://theybf.com/2011/12/20/dutch-magazine-editor-resigns-after-global-backlash-for-nggabtch-term

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