Question by Jen-Jen: Finding good nightlife in Phoenix/Scottsdale?
A group of girlfriends are going out on Friday for my birthday and we need a fun, non meat market type place to hang out, have a few drinks and dance. Anyone have any ideas? We’re all in the East Valley/Tempe/Mesa area and are willing to travel up to Scottsdale or stay in the EV…..We’ve done Graham’s and Barcelona before….they were ok…

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Answer by Rio the Balloon Dog
As a cab driver for Phoenix up to March of 2007 with 3 years experience I can tell you Phoenix has no nightlife. Tempe has Mill Ave but that is a big meat market. I would try Margaritta Rocks near Goldwater and 5th street. It is in the heart of old town scottsdale and is in walking distance to many shops and restaurants. Also there are many other clubs in walking distance.

Another good one is the Salty Senorita near Scottsdale and Osborne but the other stuff is not as near. Hang out at 5th and Goldwater you should be happy there and it is an older croud and less of a meat market.

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