Want to learn about the basics of SMS text messaging for groups and businesses? Our short introductory video will teach you how to send out group text messages in minutes, using Ez Texting, the leading provider of SMS marketing services in North America! Learn more @ www.eztexting.com
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Welcome to textBULK.com, text marketing for the BULK of us. Almost everyone has a cellphone on them, ALL the time! 73% actually WANT t? receive offers ?n? coupons ?? cellphones and most text messages ?r? read within minutes! How can you use textBULK to grow your business or organization? Bars & Pubs owners can advertise or ask in-house customers to text “CHEERS” to 71441 and sign up for your tonight’s specials. You can also print out a QR code for your customers to scan with their phones. Then you can textBULK your special offers like “free appetizer or buy one beer get one free tonight” whenever business is slow. If you textBULK 100 or 1000 customers, how many will show up? Use textBULK to Create QR Codes, Mobile Website Pages, Conduct Polls, Contests, True False Questions, Send Special Offers, Event Reminders, Product Information… Imagine the result when you communicate with hundreds or thousands of people INSTANTLY So, contact us TODAY or register for a free demo account on textBULK.com, text marketing for the BULK of us!