Giuliana and Bill Rancic were on the Today show this morning to announce some wonderful news. The couple will become first time parents this summer. Anyone who has watched Bill and Giuliana?s reality show or even seen an interview with the couple is aware of just what they have gone through to become parents. They have seriously struggled with one heartbreaking moment after another. Thankfully though their wish has come true and they will have the baby they have been dreaming of this summer. In a joyous interview with Ann Curry on the Today show the very happy couple shared the news that they are expecting their first child via a gestational surrogate. What that means exactly is that it is their biological child and this woman is just carrying it for them. Bill and Giuliana revealed that they are constantly in touch with the woman and that they know the sex of their baby. However they are not spilling if the nursery is going to be painted pink or blue. I watched the interview this morning and I have to say I was so moved. I mean it was only six months ago that Giuliana shared that she was […]


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