Tuesday’s episode picks up in the aftermath of a car crash that left fans wondering the fate of Quinn.
By Christina Garibaldi

Dianna Agron
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The break is finally over for “Glee” fans, who, after a seven-week wait, may finally get their burning questions answered on Tuesday night (April 10). In the closing moments of the February 21 episode, Dianna Agron‘s character, Quinn, is driving to Rachel and Finn’s wedding when she receives a text message. Her decision to reply resulted in a cringe-worthy crash and left viewers with a shocking cliffhanger.

“Well, I knew [the crash] was coming because Ryan [Murphy] called me and said, ‘How do you feel about this?’ ” Agron told MTV News on Monday. “For me, the year after I graduated there were seven teens that died in car-related accidents, it was from drunk driving, texting and speeding … so I did think it was something that was important to be explored and could have an impact on people, so I wasn’t shocked or surprised.”

It hasn’t always been easy for Quinn, who gave her baby daughter up for adoption, but it seemed like things were starting to look up for her after she was accepted to Yale and offered her old spot on the cheerleading squad.

“I think everybody wants to know what happened because if that’s the last we see of Quinn, it’s very shocking,” Agron said. “But again, I think that the way it turned out to be, I think people will be satisfied with it and hopefully it will resonate with some people.”

So what happens to Quinn? “Well, they [Fox] released two songs yesterday for the next episode … and that very well might be my voice on those songs, it sounds an awful lot like my voice,” Agron laughed. The actress “has been filming the whole break,” and while she couldn’t give away too many details, she did say that Tuesday’s episode will not pick up exactly where we left off.

“It’s not supposed to be the next week, it’s meant to be a couple months later,” she said. “It’s not the immediate aftermath.” Until the finale, “Glee” will chronicle the final days of McKinley’s High’s seniors as they gear up for graduation.

“I think it will be fun and interesting for people to keep watching because it’s a lot of our last couple of weeks before graduation and it really explores a lot of that, and those feeling and what that entails,” Agron said. “I just think that everything that one experiences in that time period is what is going on there. For me, it’s nice to know and relive and think about those times.”

Yet, what fans really want to know, will we be reliving Finn and Rachel’s wedding? “There’s still a ring!” Agron said

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Source: http://www.mtv.com/news/articles/1682820/glee-dianna-agron-quinn.jhtml

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