Okay? Gossip Girl is who!!!? Say what? For those of you that live under a rock, the voice of Gossip Girl has been revealed? as Georgina Sparks. Just as puzzled as I am? Okay, so this episode mainly revolved around Blair marrying Prince Louis (ick.) Georgina secretly taped Blairs confession of love for Chuck Bass and played it for everyone to hear. Then, with the wedding resuming, lovely Prince Louis (again, ick) makes it clear to Blair that their marriage will be loveless and only and obligation. They will only speak and interact with each other if need be. Then, Blair is whisked away by the third prince charming in the mix, Dan, who may or may not love Blair himself. We also found out that Serena is in love with Dan. At the end scene we see Georgina typing “XOXO – Gossip Girl” on her commuter. Getting whiplash? Yeah, me too. These characters go back and forth so much I have no clue where to turn half the time. She loves him, loves him not. They had sex, no they didn’t have sex. Is he cheating on her?! Seriously. Set things straight for once, please. Georgina being GG is […]

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