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Has mBill turnkey mobile billing stopped trading?
sms text marketing
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mBill provides innovative and comprehensive mobile marketing and billing solutions. Through scalable, flexible and richly functional products we enable clients to turn their mobile ideas into generative revenue with a broader market reach.

"We are a dynamic mobile billing company, providing capabilities for content delivery and
premium rate services" — Mark Reiken, Managing Director, mBill

Global statistics show growth in mobile usage to be rocketing forward at fast speeds, with no peak in sight. mBill enables clients to gain a greater connection to their customers via the mobile Internet . Facilitate the setup, purchase and delivery of various mobile services, including Mobile Content, Chat and Subscriptions. With mBill’s complete range of mobile solutions we can provide project-specific, combined or customised solutions that make it even easier to extend your market reach in a manner that suits your unique needs.

The mBill team of experts has over 15 years of combined experience in mobile billing technologies and with mBill’s continued growth we have developed billing solutions that enable clients to take advantage of the mobile Internet explosion and the m-commerce evolution. We have built and refined our products, and pride ourselves on providing comprehensive solutions whilst retaining ease of use for our clients, not only making it simple however also quick for clients to setup and start making money from the mobile Internet .

By providing a mixture of readymade products and custom billing solutions we ensure our clients can connect with their end users fast and easy, and in a manner that makes it fast and easy for the consumer to respond to. Our billing environment is sophisticated and flexible, enabling our clients to transact directly with their end users.

"Our core focus is provisioning of billing and content services that provide global
reach and revenue generation." — Mark Reiken, Managing Director, mBill

Our products and services use multiple delivery and transactional mediums to conduct mobile commerce. Delivery is achieved using technologies such as WAP, GPRS, MMS & SMS . Billing methods primarily focus on the tried and trusted premium rate services such as Premium Rate Numbers, Interactive Voice Response, Premium SMS as well as traditional methods such as Credit Card.

With satisfied and successful clients reaching across the globe, our products have been proven in the local and international market place, with new countries constantly being added.

Benefit from the global reach and reduced costs of mBill’s billing solutions to sell your mobile content and services, and deliver your marketing campaigns. Contact us today and discuss your mobile ideas or requirements.

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sms text marketing
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promoting Tess Geritsen’s The Bone Garden

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sms text marketing
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on poster – example of mobile marketing