According to reports, part of the new season of the HBO series ?Luck? will probably never see airtime for a very sad reason. Unfortunately, yet another horse used on the show had to be put down. This time, the horse reared back and struck its head bad enough to need to be euthanized. The show, which stars Dustin Hoffman, is only in the middle of filming for its second season and has already lost three horses. After the third death, HBO decided it was time to make a decision. There are confusing reports hitting the web about exactly what they are going to do. Some news outlets are saying that filming is suspended, while TMZ is saying that the whole show is canceled. I personally think they should just cancel it. It is already sad enough when you hear about beautiful horses being hurt or even killed as a result of the horse racing sport, but now just for the sake of a show we are hearing about it. I think it is unacceptable. HBO has released a few different statements after the incidents, which include these snippets: ?While we maintained the highest safety standards possible, accidents unfortunately happen and […]


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