Question by Tim V: How can i import my entire windows media player folder into itunes ?
I am emigrating and have stuck all my cds into windows media player. I now need to import that data into my itunes and am having problems. A copyrighht message pops up

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Answer by thatguy = james
click and drag… then wait…
now, windows media player imports cds as .wma format.. and itunes uses acc and mp3 itunes dose not use wma… so it must convert the audio before it can use it. basically just drag your windows media folder into itunes.. it will say do you wana convert … and then you will have two versions of each song on your computer. one being mp3 other wma… VERY time consuming.. do it right before bed… depending on size of your music library, and speed of pc. it will take ether all night or a couple hours…. get usta itunes its nice.. the way it organizes your music and imports it is VERY nice… its a little slugish when opening. but its worth the organazatin it offers.

i used itunes to sort out over 20 gigs of music… took about a week on and off… but i now have a PERFECTLY catergorized library…. good luck .. hope i helped

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