How do individuals or businesses get my cell phone number?

//How do individuals or businesses get my cell phone number?

How do individuals or businesses get my cell phone number?

Question by Bob P: How do individuals or businesses get my cell phone number?
I use my cell phone sparingly and give out the number only to family or close friends. Last week I received a call (did not answer) from a telemarketer. Today I received a text message “inviting” me to an Internet web site. Is it an individual or a computer sending out the text messages? Does Verizon sell my number?

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Answer by tradinginshadows
They have databases that we would only dream of! I have an unlisted, blocked number yet I still get calls for every con game in the book.

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  1. ladyrosznthorns November 2, 2013 at 7:59 am

    There are many privacy restrictions that most major carriers have to observe (their internal safeguards as well as federal regulations) to protect your cell phone number, so it is actually highly unlikely that they would ever sell your number .

    Most of the time, if you get calls or text messages like you described, it is from a company that has gotten your number from a marketing database “somewhere.” Unfortunately, those databases are abundant and multiply in leaps and bounds.

    Think long and hard before you record your cell phone number anywhere. The places that your number gets captured and “sold” or passed along are often surprising.

    Loan applications, certain insurance forms, contests, catalog requests, games, product information requests, sample requests, even product warranty registrations- all of these are examples of ways companies capture your personal information.

    Unfortunately, friends and family members may stick your number in some “cute” or nifty little card and pass it along unwittingly as well.

    Another newer marketing ploy is the tv games and voting options – think “Deal or No Deal” for an example – vote on which case has the money for a chance to win $ 10,000.00.
    Do so, and your number just got registered with the marketing company that runs that promotion.

    Hope this helps. If you reply back to an unwanted text message like the one you mentioned, with the word STOP, that will often end the problem (at least from that site.) If this does not work, you may have to enlist the help of your carrier.

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