Question by Bobby: How do you do Search Engine Marketing in Seattle?
I have a website for my business located in Seattle and would like to learn how I can do Search Engine Marketing in Seattle to improve my websites rankings on Google searches.

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Answer by Robert
I’m also a business owner in the Seattle area and was in the same boat as you are just last year.
I had a website but nobody could find it. A good friend of mine (who also is a business owner) referred me to a really good top notch SEO company at They took my website from “I can’t find it anywhere” to the first page on Google! It was the best move I ever made for my company.
You will find out all you need to know from their website. When you call, ask for Dave, he was a really nice guy and held my hand through the whole process of getting my business on page 1 of Google and he loves what he does. I can’t blame him. What’s not to love about helping other people make money and getting paid for it. Well, I hope this helps and that I have answered your question to your liking. Good luck!

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