Question by Gina B: How do you ground your kid with todays technology?
Ok so my daughter is 14, doing what 14 year old do, making bad choices. Anyways took her phone, computer, and freedom away. But I find out she is able to use her friends phone to text, facebook, etc at school. How can I fully discipline her if she has access at school?

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Answer by Mary C
Interesting situation!

I have to admit that I am so old that ‘technology’ was not a variable when my kids were young. If they had gotten into trouble, they would have had to stack firewood; cut the grass; shovel snow; or clean the house as their punishment. You might want to revert to something like that today instead of pulling the plug on their devices!

Also, if I learned that my child was going outside the boundaries of his/her ‘grounding’ and using others’ phones/computers to do what I had said he/she could not do…Ol’ Mary would have enough firewood stacked until 2020!

Actually, my kids never had to be grounded.

Their worst fear in growing up was that they would “worry Mama!” They never did!

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