How do you sell and promote and better your internet radio show?

//How do you sell and promote and better your internet radio show?

How do you sell and promote and better your internet radio show?

Question by JD: How do you sell and promote and better your internet radio show?
I am a radio announcer for internet radio and want to take my show to the next level. I want to better market my show, and use innovative ways and ideas of getting my show to various people and audiences. Any suggestions?

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Answer by Partha Barman
See you make your Radio to the next level you need listeners. So the main point is that to retain your current listeners get more and not to let them go.
First thing, get listener requests. Sounds hard? Well get a website for your radio and also get an Sms number which can divert the sms to the website. So you can get all the requests directly in the website and in real-time. Also try to announce in the requests as who has requested what song etc.
Secondly, play more hits. Hits are what people listen to.
Thirdly, give some play time to every genre. If you play Rock then don’t just keep on roaming around the same songs again and again. Also play some pops in between.
Fourthly, When you know that you have maximum listeners then play some fast numbers.
Fifth, never let your radio down for more that 1-2 hours. If you need more listeners then you might put a Radio bot to mIRC chatrooms which announces and updates what’s playing and who’s playing every hour.
Lastly, Try retaining listeners by writing their name is the website’s “Hall of Fame” or something like that..!!

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  1. jarkeithssuccess November 10, 2013 at 2:45 am

    If you haven’t done so already start a blog about your show with regular updates and events. Another powerful advertising method would be You Tube, make several videos and post them from that alone you should see a increase, best of luck.

  2. me and you today November 10, 2013 at 3:39 am

    Well starting a Blog -writing about your company is a good start.

    There are free ways and paid ways. Try all of them. To do so you can use free classifieds and do more like; uk and international – free

    Google and Yahoo programs

    Other well known sources but may cost more:

    Go where you can never give up advertising people are always interested when you keep them interested. So its always up to you to keep things going 🙂

  3. healthwise357 November 10, 2013 at 4:33 am

    Turn it into blog posts or video posts that will give your show a twist. by this you can communicate further. People can read about you, and can see you on video sites.

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