Question by Marcus: How does search engine marketing work ?
I’ve always wondered– how does search engine marketing work ? You know, those companies like that are able to get your site to the #1 spot within top search engines like Google.

Any insight is appreciated.


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Answer by Scott C
Basically there are things called metatags, When you have a website, you can type in html metatag coding into your site so search engines will find them faster. Search engines use things called crawlers/spiders, which when something is typed in a search engine, all the crawlers and spiders grab it and search for it faster. Metatags basically let the crawlers/spiders find it quicker and put it at the top pf the list. You ever type something in on google and you get like thousands of different stuff to look through, well properly used metatags can help your site get hits. You choose which words you want to go into your metatags, like if you own a car selling business, and you have a website, some words you may want to put in your metatag would be brand new cars, great deals on cars, etc…

That’s pretty much it.

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