Question by nayrsmas: How long has smiths been in the vegas market?
My Father is wondering how long the Smiths Food and Drug stores have been in the Las Vegas NV market. A year is all I need. Thank You.

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Answer by Lone Wolf
Earliest I can tell you for sure is that there was an 11 week strike by Las Vegas Smith’s workers in 1983. I think they were probably there by the early or mid seventies though (possibly the sixties) – they had expanded to something like 160 stores by then and were all over the rest of the West (California, Oregon, New Mexico, Arizona). I’ve been going to Vegas since 1967, but paid no attention to the grocery stores until my daughter moved there about 1987. Smith’s is my favorite grocery store there (one of my favorites anywhere). Von’s the only other one I frequent in Vegas.
Their corporate headquarters are in Salt Lake City, Utah (first store incorporated in 1932 in Brigham City, UT – although there was at least one earlier store).
The chain was acquired by Fred Meyers in 1997, which was subsequently acquired by Kroger in 1999.

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