Question by OCSFashionista: How to create a Marketing Plan?
I have this assignment for my class it says I have to develop a marketing plan for a whitewater rafting trip that will help the employees of a company to work together as a team. I must discuss my product/service and fill in a marketing planning worksheet that includes such things as
Product Offered
-Sales Promotion
-Public Relations
-Personal Selling
Place Distribution

Who is responsible

I have no idea what to do can someone help?

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Answer by i_saw_a_shooting_star_once
“Banglalink understands people’s needs best and will create and deliver appropriate communication services to improve people’s life and make it easier” Banglalink authorities have offered a new post-paid package — Upper Class — for its subscribers with different facilities, including the lowest monthly line rent and call charge.

1.1 Company profile

ORASCOM TELECOM is one of the most dynamic telecommunications powerhouses in the world. Orascom is based in Egypt and has operations in 11 countries worldwide. Established in 1998, it is today the largest capitalized company on the Cairo & Alexandria Stock Exchanges with over 11 million subscribers worldwide. It has grown to be one of the largest and most diversified GSM network operators in the Middle East, Africa and Asia.

1.2 Objective

Banglalink’s goal is to bring you this freedom at lower overall cost. Banglalink wants to make mobile affordable for you, your family and your friends. This is why we have put together a very attractive launch offer to allow you to link up. Go and see one of our dealers to learn about our offer. They are happy to help.

1.3 Brand name

i’ pack – Easy to buy, easy to pay

Banglalink i’ pack offers you the comfort of buying Banglalink Pre-Paid connection by paying connection fees and Government tax over a short period of time in installments. Pay a down payment and pay the rest over 5 to 8 months depending on the type of connection.

Pre-Paid M2M
•Mobile-to-Mobile incoming and outgoing.
•No monthly fixed charges.
•Incoming free
•Tk. 20 talks time free.
•Scratch cards are available at TK. 150 with 12 days validity, TK. 300 with 30 days validity, and at Tk. 600 with 45 days validity.
•SMS Rate: Tk.2 per message.
Pre-Paid M2M Plus
•Mobile-to-Mobile incoming and outgoing.
•No monthly fixed charges.
•Tk. 20 talks time free.
•Scratch cards are available at TK. 150 with 12 days validity, TK. 300 with 30 days validity, and at Tk. 600 with 45 days validity.
•SMS Rate: Tk.2 per message.
•T&T incoming facility
Pre-Paid Standard
•Mobile-to-Mobile, T&T and ISD facilities.
•No monthly fixed charges.
•Tk. 20 talk time free.
•Scratch cards are available at TK. 150 with 12 days validity, TK. 300 with 30 days validity, and at Tk. 600 with 45 days validity.
•SMS Rate: Tk.2 per message.
Upper class

upper class is the new postpaid experience created by Banglalink™. It is targeting the discerning customer, the customer that wants special attention, the customer that appreciates the little touches in life. It is much more than just a price plan – it is an overall different experience with different services designed to make life just that little bit easier… and yes, it also includes very competitive pricing. Specifically upper class offers:
•Special attention to the customers
•Help with configuring customers handset
•Golden numbers
•Call back service
•Easy bill inquiry
•Big space on SIM
•International Roaming

Ladies first!
For the first time in Bangladesh, Banglalink has taken the bold step to pay a tribute to women, and created a product exclusively to meet their need to talk and to listen. Ladies, first! is the Banglalink offer that specifically focuses on women, and makes their lives easier, efficient and comfortable. This is an offer only for women, an offer no woman can refuse. For Banglalink, this is not just a product offer, but also more of an acknowledgment of the contribution that women of Bangladesh make to the society, the nation, and all of us.

1.4 Market Share

Banglalink was the last addition to the GSM companies when, Orascom Telecom (OTH) purchased 100% of the shares of Sheba Telecom in Bangladesh last September. Orascom Telecom re-branded and launched its services under “Banglalink” in February 2005. Immediately after the launch, OTH started its aggressive plans to develop it into a leader in the mobile sector. It rapidly expanded its GSM network to provide high quality communications services at affordable prices. Banglalink has 3.9% market share of total mobile subscribers in Bangladesh with 459, 711 subscribers of June 2005.
2.0 Pricing policy

Banglalink, comes to make mobile affordable to allow more people in this country to enjoy mobile freedom. The German-born expert on wireless and mobile telephony who recently took over as the chief executive of Banglalink was upbeat about the prospect of mobile penetration in this country. The company is committed to introduce new services that would fulfill the needs and desires that are not yet covered in this market. The Bangladesh mobile market has now entered into a new era, an era of competition. Bangladesh’s economy is growing at a healthy rate which in turn means that disposable income of Bangladeshis has been on the rise. And these factors will contribute to a very healthy growth in penetration of mobile telephony in this country. The growth might outright explode, provided the government could be convinced to forego the handset tax of US$ 25 per set. Within the next five years, the market would grow to around 20 million subscribers. The mechanics of pricing are simple. Competition drives subscriber growth; the more subscribers Banglalink have the lower the prices can go.

2.1 Selecting the pricing: Maximum their market share
2.2 Objective: To provide easy access to telephone services, all over rural Bangladesh To initiate a new income generating option for the people To gradually bring the full potential of the Information Revolution to their doorsteps and thereby introduce telecommunication as a new weapon against poverty.
2.3 Determine demand: Mass marketing
2.4 Estimating cost
3.0 Analyzing competitor “s cost and price and offer”:- Before entering the market banglalink company must be concern of other markets share in Bangladesh the Grameen is the market leaders in Bangladesh mobile market second is Aktel, third is City cell digital mobile phone. Therefore, Banglalink Company has to have idea about the other mobile company’s price. Than they will decide what will be their price.

Aktel:- The chart will shown the price of Aktel pre-paid tariff.
New Pre-Paid Tariff
All Figures in Taka per min*Peak Off Peak NBTP
8am-8pm8pm-12am 12am-8am
OutgoingTo AKTEL Mobile 5.004.00 2.00
Friends & Family**2.00 2.002.00
To other operator
To BTTB6.00+BTTB5.00+BTTB2.50+BTTB
IncomingFrom MobileFREEFREE FREE
From BTTBFirst minute FREE

For all AKTEL Post-Paid
1 Second Pulse from first minute
Up to ‘0’ (zero) line rent based on your airtime usage
For All AKTEL Post-Paid Tariff
All Figures in Taka per min*Peak Off Peak NBTP
Outgoing To AKTEL Mobile 3.502.501.50
Friends & Family**1.501.501.50
To other operator4.003.001.50
To BTTB4.00+BTTB3.00+BTTB1.50+BTTB
Incoming From MobileFREEFREEFREE
From BTTBFirst minute FREE
* Excluding VAT

Grameen Phone:- Grameen Phone charges are Taka 2.00 per minute for local calls at peak hour (compared to Taka 4 for urban subscribers). For NWD and ISD calls, GP charges BTTB rate plus VP air time charges. 15% Value Added Tax (VAT) is added to total call charges. To compensate the administrative costs incurred by GTC and GB, 15% service charge are added to the total GP bill. VP Operators are supplied with a price list that includes all kinds of charges
For example, for a local mobile call, retail rate is Tk.5, out of which GP cost is Tk. 2, VAT being Tk.0.30, Service charge Tk.0.30. Therefore, the rest Tk.2.40 is the profit for the VP Operator.

3.1 Selecting pricing method: Markup Pricing

4.0 New product development process

4.1 Idea generation: – In this process starts with the search for ideas. New product or service ideas interacting with various groups and from using creativity generating techniques. Ideas for new products can come from customers, scientists, competitors, employee, channel members, and top management who are working with banglalink family.

4.2. Idea screening:-Before innovative some product company should mot motivate its employees through rewards to submit their new ideas to an idea manger. Ideas should be written down and reviewed each week by an idea committee. Than banglalink company sorts the proposed ideas is research

4.3 Concept development and testing: – This stage is very much important part of new products development. An idea is a possible product the company might offer to the market. The concept of products is an elaborated version of the idea expressed in meaningful consumer term. A product concept idea can be turned into several concepts. One is that who will use this product. In addition, who are the target people second is that what will primary benefits a product what banglalink are provided. Last one is that, when will customer purchase this product. This newly innovated from banglalink family. Concept testing involves presenting the product concept to appropriate target customer and getting their reaction. The concept can be presented symbolic or physically.

4.4 Marketing strategy development: – Following a success concept test, the banglalink new product manager will develop a preliminary marketing strategy for introducing the new product into the market. Before lunching the new product into the market banglalink new product manger will consists of the three parts-, the first part describes the target marketers size, structre and behavior; the planned product positioning and the sales, market share, and profit goals sought in the few year. The second part is the planned price, distribution strategy, and marketing budget for the first year. Third part is the marketing strategy what type

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