Question by Erica: How to get media files to work on a ps3 from a portable harddrive?
I have a Ps3 (fat version) and i have a 250 gig portable hard drive with media and music and pictures from off my computer and it doesn’t work on my ps3 doesn’t show up at all. any help?

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Answer by Absntmind
First off, external drives have to be formatted in FAT32 for the PS3 to recognize them. I would check that yours is not NTFS. Second, the PS3 usb ports do not put out much power. I know some people have had issues when trying to use hard drives that do not have external power cables (powered through the usb cable). Once you get it going, you still might have some issues with music formats, but thats another issue all together,

Not part of your question, but another rout you might want to go, is streaming from your pc. Thats what I do, for both music and movies. As well as Hulu and youtube… If you decide to try that, you can either go through wireless, connect wired to a router, or straight to your pc. Couple free programs for this below.

As for the hard drive, you might need to get either a self powered external, or a smaller one. Then format to FAT32… I would still keep the size below 250gig though, just because that seems to be another issue as well.

Good luck!

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