Question by Niko: How to save and transfer text messages from old evo to new one?
I was told to download sms backup/restore in the Market option. However, I’ve gone into Market and don’t see this option, nor do I see where I can type it in to bring it up.

Please give me step by step details as to how I get to sms backup/restore in the Market option. Also, step by step, how do I save my text messages in my old phone to my sd card.

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Answer by Joseph K
There is no option in the Android Market/Google Play Store that allows you to backup and restore SMS messages. There is an app, however, called ‘ SMS Backup+’ which can save all of your SMS messages, call log entries and even contacts (though I haven’t tried this feature myself) to your GMail inbox and create folders for each. You can search the Google Play Store/Android Market or click here for the app

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